All in All #11

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When we come to realize that beyond the surface level of things, everything in life is ‘interconnected,’ we surely also see that this world, our realities, are often “not aligned.”
It is not just because people have different, opposing and even competitive views, values, ideas and ways of acting. Even more because
in this world we also see evil, cruelty, suffering, people’s acts of injustice (both small and big), which are not in alignment with what the Divine, the Source Above, the Creator, has in purpose with it. These occurences, when viewed through a positive lens, are in fact, in the process of aligning. Aren’t we all, what the cliche says, works in progress? All and everything moving at its own pace. Everyone and everything has its own place and time… including all that seemingly opposes its purpose. Yet, all will eventually come to its purpose.

This happens not because we master and control anything or that we do good. It is rather the way of creation. Life’s oppositions are part of this aligning process, that help bring back each and every aspect to that initial Oneness. With that in mind, then perhaps we dare to touch upon this: that what is not perceived to be in alignment, that which opposes its purpose along the way, that which we can experience as evil – those that lead to darker spheres and bring about suffering and division – is just as much an inseparable part of it all. That will eventually dissolve or transform, cleansed and return… because there is nothing and no one that the Source Above, the Eternal One, cannot bring to purpose, to become All in All.

So, we are interconnected… and we are in alignment being in the, at times difficult, process of aligning, where we have to learn how to relate to even the deepest uncomfortable paradoxes that raises profound questions on life and existance. We need to trust and surrender, in life, to the One who transcends all worlds, who is closer to us than our loved-ones and even our own hearts. For most artists of the Art Collective of Deanna Sipaco (DS) Foundation of the Differently-Abled, Inc, to trust and surrender is often already there. It is a given and literally given. It precedes them wherever they go.

The DS artists have made these artworks as a group. Although each work stands on its own, all were made with the “addition,” “interruption” or even “invasion” of the other colleague-artists. They bring in some unpredictable brush strokes and other acts, just like they themselves do. No one is an island, we all influence each other, often indirectly and invisible. And at other times visibly and directly, like we do now in and through these artworks.



Title: ‘All in All’

Date: August 2022

Size: 50 CM x 70 CM

Medium: Acrylic on canvass,
wooden frame

Price: PHP 17,500

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Dimensions 50 × 70 cm


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