Artificial Harmony 2

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Louiza R. Andamon


Artist Profile: 

Studied Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ford Academy of Arts. Worked as Art Teacher after graduating but shifted into a different career afterwards for more than 8 years. Her love for her passion in arts made her quit her job and decided to continue studying and nurturing her art journey as a full time visual artist. Equally love working with Watercolor and Oil, her subjects are mainly the goodness of nature, streets and people and some are her own visual renditions of different perspectives in life. Fond of impressionism and classical realism. Joined several physical and online exhibitions after resigning from her day job. Co-owner of Mayari Art, doing also wearable art, artsy crafts, murals, space styling and decorating.

Category: Ahon


Artist : Louiza R. Andamon

Title: Artificial Harmony 2

Size: 24×36

Medium :Watercolor on Cold Press Paper

Year :2022


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 91 × 91 × 3 cm


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