Bare & Rare

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Mikaela S. Tingcoy is a 19 year old Tagum-based artist. She was one of those kids who would draw the famous rice fields and “bahay-kubo” scenery for art assignments. She has always been fascinated with colors and has a soft spot for arts and crafts. With her interest in arts, she joined summer art classes and school organizations related to visual arts to help her learn the fundamentals of creating art and improve her skills. She is currently experimenting with various mediums, primarily acrylic and oil paint. She is still working on developing her own artistic style in which she can freely and comfortably express herself. Expanding her knowledge and researching current issues is part of her creative process as an artist. For her, this could help build ideas and provide additional support for the message she intends to convey to the audience through her visual works.


Artist Name: Mikaela S. Tingcoy
Size: 2×2 ft.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2022


Black is beautiful too. “Bare & Rare” depicts a woman of color breaking free from the chains of the Eurocentric beauty standards’ typical pale-skinned and small-nose features. These Western-centered beauty standards are deeply embedded in societies posing issues like racism and ageism. However, she is fearless about being bare and representing the rarity of her color. In this modern age, it is high time to promote inclusivity and have more representation of the entire spectrum instead of focusing on one.


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