Choicest Diadem

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Just as a crown signifies the glory of a highness kingship, so as a man’s choice determines the fullness of his life. We can choose to be the same, or the different. Whether to conform, or to stand out. It is a matter of taking quality steps from where we are now to where we see ourselves a time from now In this world full of options, let us find the power to settle for what makes us feel alive to the fullest. Dance to the beat, sing that piece. Sketch that portrait, paint that landscape. Lift that weight, tone that muscle. Risk for it and make it work. Take the leap and hold on to that faith. Heal that pain and move on to next chapter. Dream it and achieve it. For it is the invisible diadem of choice, poised with grace that will attract the right opportunities to get us where we’re meant to be in due time. Causing us to come across and align with people that has the same fervor and enthusiasm. Working together to pursue common goal, make a difference and turn this temporary life worthwhile.


Artist: Jerelle “Sqe ra” Mosquera

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 24in x 36in

Date: September 2022

“Sqe ra” is a self-taught, aspiring artist who went from having a self-proclaimed arts therapy to a deepened level of passion for arts. Just like other peers having gone through the drastic transitions in life, the artist found her own way to cope up with it and consoled by her spectrum of interests in arts such as music and painting. “Arts keep me sane; I get to express myself in a creative manner while I find balance and comfort in projecting these conscious and subconscious thoughts through art”.

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Dimensions 60.96 × 3.81 × 91.44 cm


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