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By the way, art is a way to express one’s emotions and a means of self-healing. Hi Im Bebs Tejada one of the member of Tagum City organization call SANDOG which is a group of young artist 20 years old and currently studying a course BPE . Art for me is a therapy a friend a dairy, my kind of like another side of me that I can fully express my real self no doubts i really love weird things do extreme stuff do play skate do art just teen stuff .


ARTIST NAME: Tejada, Bebs G
SIZE: 2x2ft
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas


The subject of female masturbation is one that is never discussed openly. This seldom comes up in conversation, not even among friends in a private environment. People have learned from society that this is a taboo subject and should therefore be avoided. More people need to be aware of this problem in order to stop the stigma surrounding female masturbation as well as the topic itself. Why is society so determined to shame this act of self-love? Living in conservative country, we are not allowed to do the so called “lustful things” like masturbation for the reason that it goes against the beliefs of some religions and other groups. We are living in an era where people who masturbate are being called dirty/immoral. Well in fact, in medical standpoint there’s nothing wrong in masturbating. We are uneducated about the things that is supposedly normal. We are so blind of other people’s standards on how we behave that would turn the normal things into lustful or unpleasant. The term “female masturbation” has long been associated with a lot of stigma. Public discourse on the subject has to be expanded, especially given that it is a common human behavior. It is a constructive and beneficial deed for individuals, not a humiliating one. Masturbation has a wide range of advantages, thus it shouldn’t be embarrassed or looked down upon. Let’s mainstream this conversation, erase the shame associated with female masturbation, and alter social expectations of what it means to be a woman.


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