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Going back beyond what some eyes see and what some minds comprehend is an abandoned antiquity slowly dwindling. Letting bygones be bygones doesn’t apply to all. In fact, those bygones are our identity, our roots.

As neo-colonialism is at midst, most of the Filipino people has little knowledge of what is within our own cultural history and practices— our tradition. Our ties that links us from our ancestors are gradually unwinding to reasons that cannot even being to connect with the point that we came to what was before us.

Immersed to an era of adapting what intercultural practices is flowing in the mainstream, the younger generation tends to adhere themselves to the bandwagon– saying as it is, following the TRENDS. Not knowing that they have been manipulated under the roofs of colonialism.

Let this artwork be a vessel of comprehension that there is a need to undo the mindset of those who thinks let bygones be bygones. Upon moving forward, always look at where you stepped.

Category: Kasing Art Lab



Medium: Installation Art

Size: Variable

Year: 2022

PALIKATA is a collection of art practitioners that aims to pursue continuous progress in both works of art and the artists’ itself. It also conserves the values and character of the artist to showcase respect and togetherness in every way possible. In addition, PALIKATA also pursue the provision of fundamental learning skills, knowledge in maintain the different practices of art, and guidance towards professionalism.


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