“LOVE AND CULTURE” (series 2)

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Artist Name: Juanito R. Aralca Jr.
Size: 3x3ft.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2022


A few years ago, when pandemic started Asian Hate issues are all over the news. And nowadays you can see videos all over the internet over asian culture and practices they don’t do as if demanding Asian people to explain why we are doing those. Stereotyping us, mocking us, making us jokes. But despite this I believe that love will still thrive because despite all of those more non-Asian people appreciates, defends and say our culture and practices makes sense. But anyways, this piece in addition to love has no gender I also want to say love has no race, religion, color or culture. In the eyes of love all of us are equal.



Artist Name: Juanito R. Aralca Jr.


Juanito Reguya Aralca Jr. Also known as Jed was born on September 04, 2003 at Tagum City. He started drawing since elementary and has been active in joining school art-related contests ever since. By the time pandemic started, he started to feel the need to improve his skills so he started doing commissions for portrait arts. As he explored the world of arts, he met people who guided and supported him. By their encouragement, he joined a mural painting with his friends. Because of this, he got to know ‘Sandog’ a group of volunteer artists that does mural painting and other art-related works in Tagum with the partnership of its local government and joined them. As he embarked his journey to get to know art more, he joined contests and won some of them. One of the most memorable for him was when he joined ‘Lunang’ an mentoring program for artists with Sir Kublai Millan and won the 2nd place for the category ‘Color of Love’. As of now, he continues to do volunteer works and participates on art galleries with the group as he pursues his passion and hones his talent for.


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