Meshed Up #15

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During the 3rd Artworkshop we have mapped out our daily routine to find out and see how everything is interconnected.

Nothing stands on its own, nothing is separated. From the smallest decision, thought, change of mind, phonecall or message we get, to the food and drinks we have for breakfast, even the way we have arranged our interiors, the things we have around us, how the weather behaves, the day in the week and time of day, up to our worries, dreams and schedule, they affect us in so many ways. Often in subtle ways that we may not be aware of. Not only the people, but our pets too, that live with us, affect us.

The title of this artwork contains the meanings of “meshed,” “mashed” and “messed”. It’s Meshed Up. It is an ongoing movement and time where one thing naturally follows another and mixes with it. Whether because of “needs” (food, sleep and responsibilities) and/or “wants” (desire to go somewhere, to meet someone, do something), the lines of movements and the shapes symbolizing actions represented in different colors – according to various moods – lock together like teeth of the gear wheel of life.

Paintings where all the lines, shapes and the paint itself is “mashed” like a pulpy mass, though still distinct from one another, have become so much one thing that it may look “messed up”. However, through this artwork we get to see how everything influences our decisions and activities, in small and big ways, as we go through our daily lives. We visualized our movements throughout the day and literally traced them on the canvass using paint and brushes. We made movements that follow where and what we do on a typical day. And in those moment where we were doing something specific, besides moving from one place to another – like having breakfast or washing dishes – we depicted that activity in a short period of time (a few minutes max).

Each of the artists – and their parents/caregivers who are supporting them in the process – imagined a day, based on what each artist does or may do during a week. Some used their imagination, as it’s not necessary to have a real or realistic and exact representation. We chose a color for each movement based on our moods; whether we liked what we were doing or not; whether we were looking forward to an activity. Like = a bright color. Dislike = a darker color. For instance, walking from the bedroom to the kitchen to do the dishes; if an artist doesn’t like doing the dishes then he or she choose a darker color.



Title: ‘Meshed Up’

Date: August 2022

Size: 40 CM x 40 CM

Medium: Acrylic on canvass,
wooden frame

Price: PHP 12,000

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 40 cm


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