Naandan 2

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Naandan 1 and 2 depict the daily life of the Southern indigenous peoples’ traditional practices. Nandaan 1 artwork portrays people who are “nagbabayo.” This chore is usual in Filipino households as rice is the staple food of the country. It also conveys hard work as people have to till the land with sweat and life in order to survive. Thus, this artwork speak a lot about the Filipino people. On the other hand, Nandaan 2 highlights music and dance as core part of the South since self-expression through this art form is encrypted in their culture. It captivates the heart and the soul of the people as it serves as a crutch for trying times and as an honored trophy for victors. Naandan 1 & 2 also reveal the rich biodiversity of the country. It only shows that even in the midst of our daily practices, we are still deeply connected to nature. These natural gifts are necessary in our daily life as venue for relaxation and care, aesthetics, food, work assistance, and achieving equilibrium in our biosphere. It is a reflection that even during the ancient civilization and in the contemporary world, we are in harmonious tie with nature despite our rich and diverse traditional lifestyle.


Kim “Kubong” Laranjo

Acrylic on Canvas

24 in x 36 in


Artist Profile

By joining numerous art competitions, Kubong was honed as an artist; a self-taught artist. His artistic explorations and discoveries helped him a lot in developing his foundation as an artist. His love for making murals and expressing himself in a grander scale has paved the way for him to make a name for himself locally. Belonging to  art groups provides him the motivation to grow further as a visual artist.

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Dimensions 60.96 × 3.81 × 91.44 cm


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