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ARTIST NAME: Cheska Maxine, C. Nidoy
SIZE: 3x3ft
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
YEAR: 2022


Cheska Maxine C. Nidoy, despite being a beginner, began exploring the world of art in 2021, inspired by the support of her family and friends. She enjoys incorporating scribbles into her artwork using a needle and a syringe, which is related to her passion in continuing her pre-medical degree. Cheska, who is still in a roller coaster of discovering her own art style, is mostly interested in painting unusual figures with cheerful colors in an attempt to conceal negativity with faux optimism. Moreover, she is one of the Public Information Officers of the art organization Sandog and is actively involved in community volunteerism by creating art throughout Tagum City. Cheska was also an exhibitor last Mindanao Art 2021.


Pagsaulog is all about embracing our rich diversity and celebrating our cultural differences as Mindanaoans. Sure we are aware of our differences, however awareness is insufficient in genuinely understanding other cultures. What we need is to immerse ourselves in the beauty of interacting with people from other backgrounds and learning about their cultural practices. Different cultures should be recognized and celebrated, and the spirit of interculturality will be realized as we Mindanaoans engage in this social cohesiveness.


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