Pinoy mukbangs Korean Food in the morning

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ARTIST NAME: Anna Rae Ramos Malang
SIZE: 2x2ft
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
YEAR: 2022


Hello Everyone! I am Anna Rae Malang, a.k.a. Hanz a middle child of 3 and the only daugther of the family of 5. My hubbies are playing drums and the most that I am passionate with is to create visual artpiece. My views in life are simple, just to be a successful someday and continue doing whta I love to do in life.


Korea is one of the influencing country nowadays. The food, K-pop, Ootd’s and other things that is Korean-inspired will be trendy especially to us Filipinos. Our family loves to eat daytime when it’s holidays or even special occasions that we want to celebrate.


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