She loves me. She loves me not

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The metaphor here is that every person struggles with different kinds of emotion, like anxiety and depression. This illustration depicts the other side of the story of every bright side. This shows the process of healing.

Category: Art Moves


Artist: Byron Jaymes S. Agbon

Medium: Oil Canvas

Size: 3′ X 3ft


I used to be in the open space, uncovered and without embrace, it’s no wonder that I feel safe, now that I am in my resting place. I took a rest in my comfortable vase. Tortured by the thought of the night turning my sweet dreams to fright. As a flower deep in fear with no one that is near. Shaking, moaning, crying out, there’s nowhere safe to go I shout! Finally, I will be able to feel life as she gave me home. She loves me.

However, the nightly torment and daily pain, it can’t get worse, here comes the rain. Too much water that I can’t breathe. Too much of a trim that I do not deserve. I am never safe, here not now, I must escape, I don’t know-how. She loves me not.

Just cover me, protect me please, but not too much! I’m just a flower. I’m all alone and no one seems to care. I feel safe when you promised you’d take care of me. You allowed me to grow, yet it is too much for me to shine more. Let me have the warmth of sun, the comfort of enough water, and the chance to grow more than this.


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