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Art is a mode of expressing one’s feelings and a tool for self healing,By the way I’m Karen Joy Austria one of the member of Tagum City organization call SANDOG which is a group of young artist. 21 years of age and currently studying a course of BSBA major in Marketing Management in Arriesgado.I separate my studies into two areas, one is emotional and the other is happy and lovely. I like to paint on canvas for the emotional part, whereas the happy and lovely part is done by creating something to express by myself.


ARTIST NAME: Karen Joy Austria
SIZE: 2×2
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas


It depicts a woman exposing a broken pieces in place of her chest. It appears to be on the verge of collapsing. Tears of blood streams down her face. It appears to be sad or broken or a woman going through hard times. A Circle red means a regular person who is not eligible for any pay increases until adjustments increase the top step of the range beyond her current rate self. Putting a puzzle together is the perfect analogy for anything that she’s trying to achieve in life. She knows all the steps to her goal until she’s in the middle of it. Each step will come up when it needs, in order to complete it for herself, as happens. Some of the pieces might need to be moved around but that is life. Magenta promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation. Sometimes she wants to be alone most of her time and feels more optimistic by her company.


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