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Artist: Marfinie Valdez
Size: 3x3ft
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2022


A free-lance home based artist, a member of “Sandog” a group of artist in Tagum City doing art-related works in partnership with the City Government of Tagum. Graduated Architectural Drafting a 2 yr vocational course at Tagum National Trade School. Also a part of “Lunang” Art Development Program of the City Government of Tagum and Kublai Millan and joined recently art fair Philippines (online exhibit). About my works, I’m specializing realism, more focused and likely to draw portraits specifically human faces . My medium is graphite,charcoal,color pencil,soft pastels ,acrylic.




Acculturation can be defined as the process of learning and incorporating the values,beliefs,customs, language and mannerisms of the new country immigrants,It increases our cultural competence of the people around us and all over the world, helping us develop a deeper understanding of other people’s culture as well as our own, increasing our tolerance and broadening our minds.It makes us global citizens, it helps us break down cultural barriers, build cultural bridges, and learn how to love, and appreciate those different from us. We can recognize and have an appreciation for other cultures without judgment or prejudice.


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