Sikwate Splash

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Artist Biography

Jin is a Davao-based artist and a member of GAMA (Grupo ng mgaAktibongMindanawon Artists). He has blended various mediums in his craft using acrylic, oil and latex paints over the years. Inquisitive by nature, he is keen on discovering and experimenting countless applications, mixtures and properties of vibrant paints.

Jin takes it into a new level of producing shades of different tones directly from the raw material of agricultural-based pigment producing plant. Influenced by the abundance of organic Cacao, he uses Sikwate or hot chocolate as his main medium for Mixed-Media Art. He has been intensely playful with substances of bender, properties of Sikwate and elements of acrylics to make crafts essential to expression.

As an engineer by profession, Jin made sure that innovation and resourcefulness are essential tools to fuel creativity and passion.

Categories: GAMA Art Group, Painting


Artist: Jin Gayo

Medium: Mixed Media: Acrylic and Sikwate

Size:  24 inches x 36 inches


STATEMENT: Making an endless wave of artistic flow from the drink that defines a Filipino.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 5.08 × 91.44 × 60.96 cm


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