UNIFIED: One Beat, Thousands of Idea

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Artist Background

I am Harold R. Macabitas, 21 years old, from the Municipality of Alamada Province of North Cotabato. Taking up Bachelor of Physical Education in Notre Dame of Midsayap College. I started to love art and began to sketch and paint when I was a kid because it is my father’s source of income. Since my mind and eyes were open to art, I started to join various art contests when I was a kid. Little by little, I’ve won all the contests that I joined. Additionally, this skill also brought me to the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) as an Editorial Cartoonist. Before it was a dream, but with what God has given me, I’ve achieved it. Lastly, it became my source of income to finance my educational needs. All works were not just only fruit of my imagination, but these are also the mirror of my experiences and breakthrough

Categories: GAMA Art Group, Painting


Artist:  Harold R. Macabitas

Medium:  Acrylic and Oil

Size:  36 inches x 36 inches


They say that life was measured in heartbeats, and along with it is the blood that passes
through veins that are connected to the brain to help us produce an idea. Each one of us
has different beliefs, cultures, and personalities, therefore we think and see things
differently. But, this aspect doesn’t hinder us to speak out or pitch our ideas. We used it
as a tool to connect and socialize with other people.
The heart will always be connected to the brain. This piece illustrates the unity of the
different tribes of people living within Mindanao region. It shows that even if they are a
different individual and they come from different tribes, they still chose to mold their ideas
according to everyone’s consideration. Aside from that, their blood coming from their
different ancestry doesn’t differentiate them to be one and listening to the beat of their
one heart.

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Dimensions 5.08 × 91.44 × 91.44 cm


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