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Artist: Anthony James Fong

Title: Bulak

Size: 24 x 24 inches

Medium: Coffee on canvas

Year: 2022


Man and nature exist in synchrony. That is the ideal. The preferred way, and as time goes by, looks more like the only way.

The flower, as beautiful as anything in this world. A product of time, air, water and sun, perhaps a sprinkle of love as well. A perfect display of live, of existence. Then on the other side, man, or man’s hands for that matter, the almost perfect tool. With the gift or curse of power to mold the world.

Both are the means to reach. The flower to reach and signal the insects so pollination can take place. The hands to reach and wield to enable the means of man. Two sides of the same coin.

The markings/patterns are inspired by the “Dagmay” textile of the Mandaya. The patterns contrasts the splashes and drips. Both are meant to be allowed to go on with their own ways. The culture and ways of the Mandaya(any ethnic group) and the flow of the splashing/dripping water, have a right to exist just like anything, and we need to respect that.


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