Isang Kumpas

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Artist Biography
Rolando Cortez Pino-on, a self-taught painter also known as “Kawing” was born in Davao City. He developed his talent in paintings all through his own ways of learning. Early in his career, he worked as a draftsman of Archt. Anselmo Ferrazzini. He is also a master furniture carpenter and worked as a furniture designer/supervisor in Bay Woodcraft owned by Dinky Munda. He has participated in various local and national painting competitions and group exhibits. Later became the founding member of the visual art group, Grupo ng mga Aktibong Mindanawon Artists (GAMA) .

His Passion for visual artistry is always manifested in his physical involvement in different art related events in the community as a dynamic volunteer as an art consultant and an adviser in Magallanes Elementary School – Art Club. With his zeal of unwavering love for this craft and service, an encounter with this incomparable being would be an extremely grateful experience.

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Artist:  Rolando “Kawing” Cortez Pino-on

Medium:  Acrylic on Banig (Woven Mat)

Size:  36 inches x 36 inches


Unity in One Melody is a display of my musical adventure creativity inspired by nature, in God’s goodness for his creation. I, Kawing (Rolando Cortez Pino-on), a simple dramatic self-taught artist am inspired by this gratitude of love in harmony. This 36”x 36” (size) art piece entitled “ISANG KUMPAS” is a subtle celebration of unity in one melody. The children on view are singing their heart’s content a one beat of well-wishes and friendship. The woven mat from Marawi originated grasses implicate connectivity of each one to another, in talents and gifts shared; the birds are for friendship; while underneath right their feet a sign of peace cut deep into the wood which manifests how happy life can be if all things and situations are working together for the good of all.

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Dimensions 5.08 × 91.44 × 91.44 cm


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