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Artist Biography
“Liza Rita ” the name given by her parents which she is now using it as a artist name. Mostly she is called “te Liz” by her family and friends. Her passion for arts started as early as 5 yrs. Old. In summer 0f 1988, her mother enrolled her at Learning Center of Arts School which is currently the Ford Academy. The art class helped enhance her talent in drawing. It also opened doors for her to explore more other art forms and materials. Her skills develop further when she took up Fine Arts at University of Santo Tomas, Manila. She is now an active member of GAMA group which promotes Local Mindanao artist.

Categories: GAMA Art Group, Painting


Artist:  Liza Rita C. Jardinero

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size:  24 inches x 36 inches


Every Mindanaoan women portraits a unique characteristic that makes each one of them very special and stand-out from any other Regions. This artwork is showing off how a simple smile of a Mindanaoan women can give harmony to its viewers and how it connects around their surroundings.

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Dimensions 5.08 × 91.44 × 60.96 cm


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