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Karl Ryan Taripe, a Tagum-based artist, is known for his surrealistic yet rough acrylic paintings depicting the world in a monotonous yet active scene. Animals, mainly birds are the subject of the artists’ paintings, presenting them in their origami and surreal form to showcase form flexibility and happy emotions. The artist sees himself as “an observer” that constructs figurative representations of societal concepts and natural phenomena in his works. Working in acrylics on canvas, he uses the versatility and quick-dry capability acrylics provide to present a rough and layered artwork. Evidence of raw brushstrokes is prevalent in his works, showcasing a sense of freedom and creativity. The resulting works produce alive elements which eliminate the boredness of the viewer’s eye.


ARTIST NAME: Karl Ryan D. Taripe
SIZE: 3×3 ft (36×36 in)
MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas
YEAR: 2022


“Pagkakaisa” is a work that breaks the barriers between our cultural differences, as we, are truly one in nature. Sharing, understanding, and immersing ourselves in the tradition of others will foster appreciation and unity in us. Differences in physical characteristics may be observed but, we are all similar as represented by these animals uniting themselves. Along with acceptance, beauty grows, horizons widen, and creativity becomes limitless.


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