Rebirth and Resurrection

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Artist Biography

Niño “Nins” Hechanova Acero (1995, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental) is a self-taught artist based in Davao City- he is one of the core members of the Pintanao Art Group. Niño is currently working as a graphic/layout artist and a freelancer who accepts mural projects, portraits, and other painting commissions.
Niño was already passionate about visual arts since his childhood drawing anime characters as his starting point. In high school, he became one of the cartoonists in their school publication. He continues to develop and enhance his art skills through accepting art commissions, art talks, joining art exhibits, and self-painting study by using different mediums like graphite, charcoal, ink, watercolor, latex, acrylic, and especially oil paints in a limited palette style like Zorn palette which he currently used in most of his works. A noticeable resemblance of Niño in most of his paintings as he loves to use himself as a reference and enjoys painting self-portraits. His piece expressively achieves the classical thematic concept that portrays emotions, beautiful scenery, and surreal subjects and creatures.

Categories: GAMA Art Group, Painting


Artist:  Niño Hechanova Acero

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Size:  36 inches x 36 inches


Through paintings I can express what’s inside my heart and my mind, of what is my feeling and what I am thinking, and even my beliefs in life. Painting for me is just like telling a story or composing a song through visual and through personal experiences from life, which you breakdown and connect the subjects, the idea, the situation, thru composition. I paint from life and imagination, and using limited color palette inspired from zorn and classical painters to create that art piece, the ambiance of the background, the subjects, and the color harmony unite as one. And I love the idea of classical contemporary art.

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