Pinoy plays Rondalia

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ARTIST NAME: Anna Rae Ramos Malang
SIZE: 3x3ft
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
YEAR: 2022


Hello Everyone! I am Anna Rae Malang, a.k.a. Hanz a middle child of 3 and the only daugther of the family of 5. My hubbies are playing drums and the most that I am passionate with is to create visual artpiece. My views in life are simple, just to be a successful someday and continue doing whta I love to do in life.


Rondalla originates during medieval Spain, from the Spanish word “Ronda” which means “serenade”. It was introduced by the Spanish colonizers to the Philippines during 15th century were evolutionalized up to this present. It’s a gift for us the Filipinos to become musically talented and to showcase the world by playing our traditional instruments as part of our own culture.



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