Takot ka ba, hindi duwag

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ARTIST NAME: Jamedith Abuan
SIZE: 2×2
MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
YEAR: 2022


Tagum-based artist, Jamedith Abuan is recognized for her works that channels different points to pop culture or pinoy comics style that strongly reflect Filipino culture. Despite having started drawing since childhood, it took her until her senior year of high school to begin wielding paint brushes. Although she first struggled to develop her own style while painting, she eventually settled on her own style during the early COVID-19 pandemic. She had years exploring oil paints before but she is now using acrylic paint as her primary medium..

Jamedith’s works are stylized pieces that present little scenes. She maintains a bored-eye character looking straight to the audience that propels you to engage into the scenario. And with that, her works are likely to depict many societal issues in both realistic and fictitious ways to match her storytelling flair. She has been interested in exploring problems about Filipinos and femininity ever since individuals have been more vocal in confronting the horrors of everyday life. She aspires viewers to connect with the narrative of her works and continue pursuing her passion for painting despite the challenges of academic demands.


Artist: Jamedith Abuan
Size: 2×2
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 2x2ft


This painting is another example of how the environment of the Filipinos often influences her art. The piece “Takot ka ba, hindi duwag” expresses the feeling of confusion as people interact with a child full of wonder engaging with what are supposedly man’s toys in different manners. The artist intends to convey the society’s brutal mentality to masculinity that potentially harms childhood mental development as children are greatly misunderstood.


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