Al Christian Uy

I’m Al Christian Uy from North Cotabato, Makilala. I’m 19 years of age. 2nd year college student taking BSEd-English. Currently, I’m a member of the Local Artists Guild of Makilala (LAGMA). I participated/joined in Art Exhibition in Museyo Kutawato (2022) in line with the Kalivungan Festival in North Cotabato. I joined also Art Exhibition during Sinab’badan Festival in Makilala (2022) and now, I’m about to join Mindanao Art Exhibition in Davao City. I usually make charcoal drawing and a few months ago, I decided to try another medium and that’s painting.

Being a beginner I usually tend to received negative feedback on my works but I know it’s a part of a learning process. Now, I’m still progressing, trying to explore something new in arts especially in painting and hopefully this is the right path I walk into. Being a beginner in painting, I don’t have or I mean, I still don’t know my artstyle yet but based on my recent paintings, I usually tend to express my feelings and make a tribute into community and/or people.

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