Loraine Villafranca Esber

‘Loraine Villafranca ( LV ) is a Contemporary Artist from Kidapawan. A spiritual adventurer since early childhood.

‘A self-taught artist, Villafranca sees herself as a perpetual student, always continuing to learn and grow in her pursuit of her artistic goals.

Adhering to Picasso’s rejection of meaning and emphasis on form, Villafranca aspires to emulate mastery of brush strokes by artists such as Juan Luna, or the rendering of anatomy by Ismael Esber, but to pursue these ideals in her own terms. She is also inspired by Picasso’s approach to life as art, i.e. the pursuit of self potential, and agrees that the aim of art is to elevate the soul from mundanity. Her aesthetics reveal the subliminal influence of Esber’s female characters.


Oftentimes I create portraits of my inner self through the imagery of moon and water, seeking to capture the soft glow of the soul which is the expression and reflection of my spiritual life path.

I paint not to seek fame but only for my evolvement. I am by no means a professional and still learning from the masters. Although I have been creative since childhood. It took me many years to start painting again.

~Loraine Villafranca ( LV )

Area of Expertise: Visual Art                              ART EDUCATION

Country: Philippines                                            Private mentoring by: ISMAEL F. ESBER

EXHIBITS:               “HUGOT” Exhibit Art Center SM Megamall February 2020, 

“MINDANAO ART EXHIBIT” Davao City October 2020

LOOKING BEYOND, UNDER PRESSURE “Virtual Art Exhibition  July 2021

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