Fear to Control

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Artist Biography

Jamar ‘‘Amboy’’ Marave Ladjahasan is a self-taught artist based in Davao City and was born on April 24, 1995. He started to draw and paint when he was in high school. Currently, Jamar is working as a freelance artist  making and handling art painting commissions and projects like murals, portraits, and primed canvases for paintings.
Jamar believes in continuous practicing and enhancing the skills he has in visual arts. He primarily uses oil paints with a limited color palette as his technique in painting to achieve classical-like toned colors. Moreover, he loves to paint self-portraits, other human faces and figures that delineate deep connotations, and landscapes. His artistic vision included being able to paint his emotions and seeing his paintings as a tangible connection between reality and his imagination. Jamar is one of the core members of the Pintanao Art Group in Davao City.

Categories: GAMA Art Group, Painting


Artist:  Jamar Marave Ladjahasan

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Size:  36 inches x 36 inches


Painting is a way I express certain part of myself and how I see things around me. This artwork show of manipulation, that the person trying to control by himself. You can see the connection of subject the movement and the symbolism, that was sort of made to connect others feeling through symbolism.

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Dimensions 5.08 × 91.44 × 91.44 cm


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